Connected Smart Cities 2019 has Impact Hub São Paulo’s Strategic Institutional Support, an organization with programs and relational spaces that activate and support the development of entrepreneurs with a positive impact.


With the agenda confirmed for September 17 and 18, Connected Smart Cities 2019 counts with the Strategic Institutional Support of Impact Hub São Paulo. The organization, with programs and relational spaces that activate and support the development of positive impact entrepreneurs, will also have an exclusive Workshop in the 2019 edition of the Connected Smart Cities, held at Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo. 

In an interview with Connected Smart Cities, Impact Hub co-founder Pablo Handl highlighted partnership points and how the joint actions of the two initiatives relate to the development of smart cities. Handl also emphasized the importance of participating in the most important event of smart cities in Brazil.


Accompany the interview with Impact Hub co-founder Pablo Handl:


Connected Smart Cities: Why to participate at Connected Smart Cities and what are the expectations?

Pablo Handl: The Impact Hub’s performance is related to Connected Smart Cities. As well as the platform, we also develop work with the aim of making Brazilian cities more intelligent, humane and sustainable. And our expectation is that topics such as: Collective impact, Inclusive cities and The role of the hubs for cities that are more humane, intelligent and inclusive, win even more nationally.

In this sense, the exclusive Workshop of Impact Hub during the 2019 edition of Connected Smart Cities makes all the sense, having fundamental relevance for the discussion of the theme and the new forms directed to the development of the cities.

Connected Smart Cities: What is the relationship between Impact Hub’s actions and initiatives with the Connected Smart Cities and the theme of smart cities?

Pablo Handl: The Impact Hub is an articulator of causes and active actors so that, in a collaborative way, it develops initiatives and projects that seek an improvement. The very concept of “Hub” is an urban intervention in itself. And our Hub promotes a series of benefits for a smart and creative city, since the cities in which we are present, start to rely on differentials, such as: we offer a pole of social innovation; a pole for restless people who want to transform the municipality and its communities; a practical inspiration that shows where the future of spaces is heading; a showcase of the most relevant innovations to come, as well as a platform for the creation of Collective Impact projects.

In this way, our operations have a strong and fundamental relationship with the purpose and initiatives of the Connected Smart Cities, as well as the development of increasingly intelligent and connected cities.

Connected Smart Cities: Does Impact Hub want to develop any initiative / project based on Connected Smart Cities actions? If so, which ones?
Pablo Handl: Yes. And we are already developing a new initiative that operates as an Open Space, based on the 2030 agenda and focused on the promotion of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The space of about 1000 m², located in the western part of the capital of São Paulo, where an old parking lot once operated, will promote content that integrates three pillars: sustainability (agenda 2030), technology and human relations. The initiative already shows a pioneering vision of how a company can deliver benefits to a city in an innovative way.

Connected Smart Cities: How can the event contribute to disseminate the concepts, products and / or services of the company?

Pablo Handl: Our project “Espaço 2030” (Space 2030) is in the stage of attracting partners. And the Connected Smart Cities can promote strategic relationships for this demand, that is, we will have this great differential of the platform to present our services of consultancies and programs of collective impact. We are participating in an initiative that will bring together more than two thousand participants, about 300 speakers, city halls, national and international companies, as well as specialists. Undoubtedly, it is a great showcase for the Impact Hub.

Connected Smart Cities: What products and / or services will be featured in Connected Smart Cities 2019? What are the news that the market and the participants should expect?

Pablo Handl:  We will present at the event: our square Espaço 2030; acceleration program services, entrepreneurial and corporate education; and the corporate and thematic Hub creation service.

Connected Smart Cities: How important is the partnership with the Connected Smart Cities for your organization?

Pablo Handl: We are counting heavily on the Connected Smart Cities platform partnership to engage new partners focusing on technologies for sustainability.

Connected Smart Cities: What is the importance of the event for the industry considering the Brazilian, Latin American and world market?

Pablo Handl: The industry still needs to understand how to collaborate among agents who need to talk. Great brands, entrepreneurs and civil society. It is important to look for ways to identify more opportunities for collaboration and the event can provide that. In this sense, the Impact Hub can help to conceptualize this action.


The capital of São Paulo will host, for the 5th consecutive year, the most important event of smart cities in the country and one of the largest in Latin America. The national event Connected Smart Cities 2019, which will be held on September 17 and 18, 2019, is in its 5th edition and plays a key role in the development of smart cities in Brazil, through initiatives that foster concrete actions involving governments, companies, entities and national and international experts . The 2018 edition presented a record number of participants and business generation, bringing together more than 2,000 participants, 300 speakers and 90 panels, who performed in 9 simultaneous stages, in addition to having more than 600 rounds of business and support of 70 entities.

Connected Smart Cities | National event
 September 17th and 18th, 2019
Location: Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca, Rua Frei Caneca, 569, Consolação, São Paulo/SP